Why does www.matalisi.org need my email?

Since www.matalisi.org is and advertising website, a valid email is required so that potential buyers of what you are advertising can use to contact you.

What is a post?

A post refers to an advert written by a user

How do i benefit using this www.matalisi.org?

Given the number people who visit www.matalisi.org, its the most convenient way of advertising your merchandise since all that is required is the seller to visit the website, to provide the details of what your selling and the desired contact information (contact can be email or telephone number) which interested persons/buyers can use to contact you for offers or seal the deal.

How do i post my advert?

On the home page of Matalisi, i.click on Post to Classified. ii.Select city where you want to post advert, click submit. iii.click on the type of ad your posting, click Submit. iv.Choose category, click Submit. v.Enter your contact information(Email, Name, Phone number), posting title, specific Location, price and product description, upload image of products if possible.Submit your posting ID is automatically forwarded to your email address and your advert will be visible on Matalisi after being reviewed by Matalisi Admin.

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